The Germanospheres working group proposes scientific events and publications dealing with Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It brings together scholars, specialists in German studies, geographers, historians, literary specialists and linguists who are studying the recent historical changes in these countries ("Wende & Wandel / Tournant & Transformations" project). The group looks at the issue of alterity in germano- and francophone countries ("Vis-à-vis" project). It fuels a scientific blog grouping texts, videos and a collection of papers: https://allemagne.hypotheses.org/. It is currently working on the compilation of an on-line dictionary on the notion of change in the German-speaking world, together with a data base on the image of the other in France and in Germany. This research aims to produce new critical knowledge and propose interdisciplinary methods to gain a fuller understanding of linguistic and (inter)cultural issues.

Members of the project:
  • Landry CHARRIER (UCA - Institut Français Bonn)
  • Béatrice DURAND (FU Berlin)
  • Anne-Sophie GOMEZ (UCA)
  • Ralf JUNKERJÜRGEN (Universität Regensburg)
  • Dana MARTIN (UCA)
  • Fanny PLATELLE (UCA)
  • Hélène ROTH (UCA)
  • Oliver SCHULZ (UCA)
  • Friederike SPITZL-DUPIC (UCA)
  • Franziska TÄGER (UCA - DAAD)
  • Nora VIET (UCA)
  • Prsicilla WIND (UCA)




Vis à Vis